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You will be able to check your library account and do such things as:

  • See what materials are checked out to you and when they are due Renew materials online
  • View library fines on your account
  • Set up a reading history to keep track of past materials
  • Reserve materials from library
  • Make title suggestions
  • Create lists of titles to email to yourself or share with others
  • Faster and precise search
  • Search books on the basis of language, collection, item type
  • More convenient 'Google Like' interface for searching
  • Please note that anybody can search the catalog without logging in .
  • Specific services for members like renewal, reservation, tagging, commenting etc are possible only after logging in.

To start, just fill in the blank on the search bar above with what you want to find and click 'GO' button. If there is something specific that you wish to find, like an author or a title, you can use the "Library Catalog" dropdown menu to select a specific area.

You can also use the 'Item Type' in the Advanced Search to search particular types of items - like books, periodicals, or CDs - or search for items in specific collections, shelving location etc. For even more specific searching, use the 'Advanced search' feature to help narrow down your search.

You can use the 'Log in to your account' option available in the catalog search page, and give your Login (membership number) as well as password for logging in.

Your membership number is your new login id and password(ie. both are same by default). Eg:- For a member having membership number 'A1000', Log in Id is 'A1000' and Password also 'A1000' by default. Please note that membership number should start with alphabets(A,B,C,D,E) and are in capital letters. For security reasons kindly change your password on first login.

Note : Koha use the term 'Hold' for representing 'Reservation'.A book can be reserved only if it is checked out by a member. If the status of the book is 'Available' while searching the catalogue , such books cannot be reserved.

The following steps can be followed for reserving a book

  • Step1 : Search the book and display the details of that book , by clicking on the Title.
  • Step2 : If the book is reservable , it will have 'Place Hold' button active along with the details of the book.
  • Step3 : Click on 'Place Hold' button and Login to your account by giving your credentials( Username and Password).
  • Step4 : Click on 'Confirm Hold' button from the next screen. Now the reservation process is completed.

Note : A book which is checked out by the member can be renewed if it is not reserved by another member. Also overdue books cannot be renewed. Number of renewals allowed for a book is one only.

The following steps can be followed for renewing(Extending Due Date) of a book

  • Step1 : Log in to your account, and the system will display the items(books / Periodicals) checked out by the member.
  • Step2 : Click on the check boxes in the renew column against the book which we want to renew.
  • Step3 : Now click on the 'renew selected' button on the screen to complete the renewal process.

And as always, we are here to help you! Contact the Librarian if you aren't finding what you need.

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